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It is important to always maintain sleek and good looking phone. Not only should the phone look good but the extra casing and accessories need to be of the highest standard. With the best looking phone you will be the envy of every person you know. My iphone was looking bland compared to other ones I have seen. I knew I needed to improve the look of my phone. It was daunting task since there are so many things you have to consider. A tough challenge was fine for me because I knew I wanted the best looking phone and was determined to get it. In order to have the best looking iphone, I went searching the greatest iphone parts. It was difficult because there are so many options to use to choose from. I went from store to store trying to find the best pieces to make my iphone the greatest of all time. My search led me to a few good iphone parts but nothing quite what I needed. After looking at different stores, I decided I needed to expand my search to the realms of the internet. I thought there were many options for iphone parts in the stores but on the internet it seemed like an infinite number of products. It was almost intimidating to have to search through it to find the best items. Many of the same products would appear at different stores. I wanted to improve the look of my phone but I also wanted to make sure I didnít spend all my money. Some of the website online did not look like they could be trusted even though they had really cheap prices. They could have faulty products or bad customer service. Picking out a good site is important when shopping online. Finding an honest site online can be tricky but is worth it the end. You need a place you can trust and if something goes wrong they will treat you well. Also finding a place the ships quickly would be great. After the exhausting search online I had a friend recommend me a great site. They had the best stuff and I was able to find the products I wanted. Once all the parts came in I was able to put it all together. My iphone looked great and definitely the best looking phone out of all of my friendís phone.